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Caterer Booked!!

Earlier today we met with one of our possible caterers for a tasting. I’d say things definitely went well because we had booked them and put down a deposit by the end of the meeting. I’m not going to include too many details about our menu so that people can arrive with no expectations, but […]

Alteration Progress

I was able to start working on my bridesmaid dress alterations this past week. I meant to take pictures of the pinning and ripping apart of the seams, but i totally forgot. So you’ll have to be satisfied with a simple before and after. Since the most prominent detail about the Jcrew dress is the […]

NM Clutch

My wedding clutch arrived!!

OK, so will I really be carrying a clutch all day at my own wedding, I’m not sure…probably not…but all the wedding blogs I’ve been reading always show pictures of them. Sigh, I’m so easily influenced. Anyway, we had an accessories sample sale sort of thing at my office for employees. […]