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DIY Linen Covered Gold Polka Dot Pinboard

As promised in my last post, here’s a great DIY project involving gold polka dots!

Ever since I was a kid, I had always wanted some sort of bulletin board for pinning up random pretty things and inspirations. So I definitely wanted to add one to the wall in my studio/work […]

Trends I Love – Gold Polka Dots

This post is sort of a preview for a project that I’ll be posting about in the next week or so. You can probably predict that it involves gold polka dots. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with gold polka dots for a while now. Polka dots in general, but especially ones that involve the color gold. […]

Quiet Weekend Breakfast

One of my favorite things about married life are those slow quiet mornings where we take our time and cook and eat breakfast together. Unfortunately we have this habit of over filling our schedules and haven’t had the time to do this in a long time. Poor Joe got sick today and it forced us […]