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It’s Lilac Season

I saw these at a bodega and couldn’t resist. They remind me of my mom’s lilac bush from my childhood. The beautiful scent has been filling my apartment and giving me flashbacks of plucking the the little flowers as a barefoot little kid. Now I’m eagerly awaiting peony season which is only a couple weeks […]

Wooden Vase Update Using Paint and Gold Leaf

As promised in my last post, here’s another great project that involves gold leaf. You can do this with any wooden object.

Years ago, back when I was still single and living in a rental, I didn’t want to invest too much time and money into decorating a place that was only temporary. I […]

A Simple DIY Picture Frame Update – Gold Leafing

Here’s a really simple way to spruce up a boring old wooden picture frame. Gold leaf!

This project is really easy. All you need is a gold leafing kit, an old picture frame, a paint brush, and sand paper.

The first step is to lightly sand down the surface that you want […]