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Bathroom Shopping

This past Saturday, Joe and I went tile and bathroom fixture shopping in Flushing.  There are tons of tile and home improvement shops conveniently located near each other in Flushing, but our friend Simon warned us about what an exhausting experience tile shopping was for him.  While it was tiring, it wasn’t so bad because I actually found the EXACT tiles I was looking for within the first two minutes I set foot into our first stop at Tile World.  I think it really helped that I knew what I wanted.  However, Joe, being the frugal man that he is, would not have peace of mind unless we visited at least a few other shops as well as Home Depot.  So that’s what we did.

Tile World, a wonderland of tiles

We also visited swan tile and other shops. Swan tile was actually really expensive compared to Tile World

In the end, Tile World was the cheapest so we ended up buying the first tiles I saw that day.

Standard white subway tiles for the walls

Penny tiles for the floors

We bought the glossy white penny tiles

My tile choices were inspired by images I’ve been collecting from various design blogs.  I really want to go for a very clean, white look.  But I also want it to look old and classic – like old New York or Paris or old New England or something.  These are the main two images that inspired my tile choices:

On Sunday, we finished up our supply shopping at Home Depot.  We bought nine cans of paint for all rooms, halls, doors, and trim; a bath tub; a toilet; a medicine cabinet; shower fixtures; charcoal colored grout; a sink; and other odds and ends requested by our contractor.  I’m especially excited about the sink we got.

KOHLER Memoirs Pedestal Sink Combo in White

Its exactly what I wanted.  I am sooo excited to see everything come together.  All we have left to buy is a mirror and some light fixtures – our goal purchases for next weekend =)

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