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Lets Make Things Clear: Leopard Prints vs. Cheetah Prints

Learn the difference between Leopard and Cheetah Spots, as well as a couple other spotted wild cats! As a print designer AND as an animal lover, this drives me absolutely nuts when people confuse the two. Let’s clear things up a bit, shall we? […]

Living With Our Less Than Perfect Kitchen

When Joe and I decided to renovate, the ideal situation would have been to get everything done before we moved in. Unfortunately, our budget didn’t allow for that and we will have to wait another two years or so before we can afford to renovate the kitchen. There’s nothing seriously wrong with the kitchen as […]

Bathroom CAD

As a print designer, I’m constantly working with textile mills to bring my fashion concepts to reality. I send them my artwork with very detail specs and I’m always shocked when my prints return with the most absurd mistakes. After six years of experiencing this, I’ve developed a very strong distrust for hired vendors. So […]