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Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m not able to go home for Mother’s Day this year, but in honor of my mom, I bought her favorite – Peonies! (they are in season now, you know).

And of course I didn’t just buy flowers for myeslf… I had flowers sent to her too. Happy Mother’s Day Ma!


It’s Lilac Season

I saw these at a bodega and couldn’t resist. They remind me of my mom’s lilac bush from my childhood. The beautiful scent has been filling my apartment and giving me flashbacks of plucking the the little flowers as a barefoot little kid. Now I’m eagerly awaiting peony season which is only a couple weeks […]

Paperwhite Forcing

I’ve been eager to try forcing paperwhites (Narcissus tazetta) for a long time, but never got around to buying the bulbs. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a bunch on amazon and it really is as easy as they say!! Its like magic. You don’t need sunlight, you don’t need soil, and you […]