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Living With Our Less Than Perfect Kitchen

When Joe and I decided to renovate, the ideal situation would have been to get everything done before we moved in. Unfortunately, our budget didn’t allow for that and we will have to wait another two years or so before we can afford to renovate the kitchen. There’s nothing seriously wrong with the kitchen as […]

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!! Its now 2010, the year of our wedding. New years day was also our two year anniversary. Its definitely an exciting mile stone.

I haven’t written any updates lately because I guess we’ve been on an unofficial break from wedding planning for the holidays. We had a great time focusing on […]

No time!

I have PLENTY of time to plan and execute all of my wedding ideas, especially since I’m so ahead on everything. But one side effect of being engaged is the creative frenzy that developed in other areas of my life besides just the wedding planning. At the moment I’m on a spending freeze in order […]