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Completed Renovations!

After a long month of renovations, a week of construction delays, and some recent drama with my contractor; we are finally done with renovations and we were able to move in this past Friday.  I don’t have any “after” pics to show you yet, but be patient, they are on their way!  I’ve complained MANY times on the blog about how my dinky point-and-shoot takes terrible quality photos.  Well my good friend Albert was nice enough to take some professional wide angle shots for us.  I haven’t seen them yet, but what I did see on the screen of his SLR makes the apartment look way better than it does in real life.  haha.

It feels so nice that we finally have a place of our own as a married couple.  We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us in order to set everything up at the apartment, but it will be so worth it.  More pictures and project posts to come!

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