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Getting Back into Painting


I’m trying to revive my first passion – drawing and painting.  It’s been about 7 years since I last picked up a paint brush (I’m not talking about for house painting) and I feel like it’s such a shame that it’s taken me so long to do this.  Back in my high school art honor society, they used to have local artists come talk to us.  One local sculptor told us that 10 years of lost practice equals 20 years of lost progress.  I guess because during the period you are stagnant, you are actually losing skill due to lack of practice, so you don’t just pick up where you left off?  I can’t say the last 7 years were a total waste, I’ve improved a lot in my sewing skills, but I am definitely rusty with the painting.

My plan is to eventually get back into oil painting, but for now, I thought a watercolor floral would be an easy baby step to get back into it since its less time consuming.  It was rough.  I messed up twice, but I’m moderately happy with what I ended up with.  I’ll just have to paint more if I want to get back to the skill level I used to have.  Stay tuned…

I’m going to have to try this again.  Some areas were majorly overworked.

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