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Happy One Year Anniversary!

I can’t believe how quickly one year has flown by. Today it has been exactly one year since our wedding and I am so thankful for how much we have been blessed. This weekend we are celebrating by driving upstate to Mohonk where we got engaged. We are renting a cute bed and breakfast and revisiting the scrambling trails. I’ll post more when we get back, but for now, I just want to say that I love my hubby and I’m so happy we have reached this milestone =)

2 comments to Happy One Year Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary you guys!! The year has definitely flown by fast, but I’m so happy you’re able to celebrate your anniversary with a trip! 🙂

    Joe, I explained to your Sunday School kids where you were, and some said, “I didn’t know he was married!” 😛

  • Juyon

    Happy Anniversary! Time sure flies fast! Hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating this milestone! 🙂

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