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Hi everyone, welcome to our wedding blog!  I knew that eventually Joe and I would have to put together some sort of wedding website as a way for our friends and family to find quick and easy information about our venue, hotels, and other general information about the wedding, RSVP, etc.  I honestly didn’t think a blog would be a necessary part of our engagement process.

But after talking to many friends, especially friends who live across the country and can’t be involved in our planning process, I decided that a blog would be the perfect way to involve and update those who are so far away.

This will also be a space for me (and Joe too!) to record my thoughts throughout the engagement.  There have been times, even this early in the process, where an outlet for my creative ideas, my frustrations, and stresses would be really therapeutic.   I also think this will be something that Joe an I can look back to, for memories about how we will have grown and what we will have learned.  I’m very excited for all that is in store for us in the next year of our engagement!  Thank you all for your love and interest in the life that we are about to start together  =)

Please stay tuned for updates and new features!


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