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The wedding dress I made is not particularly ornate or embellished because of the limits of my sewing skills.  So I decided the perfect way to add some vintage glam to my look would be to wear a statement necklace.  I figure its not giving away too much to post the finished result here on the blog.

vintage brooch wedding necklace

This is the closest thing i have to a "before" picture. I've been getting pretty lazy about taking process pics. I bought the fresh water pearls from one of the bead shops around my office in NYC

The necklace is made out of freshwater pearls, clear crystal beads, and sterling silver findings.  The vintage brooches are purchased off of ebay.  It was mostly inspired by this Christos ad campaign (image below).  I made some changes from the original design, as you can see, but it was definitely strongly influenced by this necklace.

from the Christos ad campaign

I was also very inspired by the designs of Elva Fields, who’s jewelry I only wish I could afford.

Some examples of the inspiring past designs of Elva Fields

So yeah, that’s the final result and I’m very happy with it.  Now I just have to figure out what type of earrings will go with it.

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