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Little Window Shelf

This is just a dumb little mini post because I realized I never followed up on a project from a month and a half ago.  I posted a while back about random odds and ends I had been keeping myself busy with. So I thought I’d show you how the window shelf turned out.

Little Window Shelf - << >>

The AC blocks half the window sill and we never open that window because of the AC… so adding the shelf seemed like a great way to expand my limited indoor gardening space.  I just used a piece of wood cut to size from home depot (its actually leftover wood from our entry way shelf) and standard corner braces.  Now I just have to find a more attractive way to insulate the draftiness below the AC. Those towels stuffed underneath are an eyesore!


2 comments to Little Window Shelf

  • not dumb at all, silly!
    had it not been for mini-posts i’d probably be a goner by now 😉
    And your windowsill looks friggin amazing!!! my window garden is still somehow going strong with our basil plants (even I’m amazed)

  • Joe

    yeah figure something out about those towels !!! Also … designer A/C covers !!

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