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Looking Forward to a Permanent Roommate

One thing I’m excited about for marriage is having my “forever roommate.”  This is the first time in the six years of living in my apartment that I’m actually looking forward to the end of my lease (only half a month away).  I’ve had many, MANY roommates throughout my single adulthood.  Some experiences were really awesome and lead to life long friendships, some made for crazy stories, and some were definitely less than ideal.  But as great as my roommates had the potential to be, they were all temporary.  And those close to me know of the annual panic I have experienced in order to find a new roommate, both in college and expensive NYC.

So after six years in one apartment I’m finally packing up my stuff to move into a new apartment with Joe.  I’m so excited about it.  I know we will experience our share of trials and troubles, but I love that it is so natural for us to be honest and open with each other (an important dynamic to have with any roommate).  I love that I will always be able to rely on him and that I can always be there for him.  And I love that I won’t have to say ‘goodbye’ to him at the end of the night and that I can wake up next to the one I love every morning.  I love that he is not temporary.

But for now, I must face the monumental task of packing up six years worth of accumulated crap.  I wish i had pictures of the new place to show you, but I know decorating it will be my new project once the wedding is over.  The blog will go on!!!

On a side note, we finally got all of our engagement pictures, and I plan to sort out and post our favorites here on the blog tomorrow!  So definitely check back soon =)

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