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My First Radish

I FINALLY harvested my first radish!  It was really tiny, but It stopped growing any bigger about a week ago, so I figured its time to pluck that sucker out of the ground.  its been well over two months since I first planted the seeds and many lessons have been learned through this process.

First of all, seed packets give you specific planting instructions for a reason.  If it tells you they do better in cold weather, then they do better in cold weather.  I think this heat wave we’ve been having has stunted the growth of the radishes.  I thought I could coax them to grow even in the summer, but I was wrong.  Next year I’m going to start planting them in February or March.

Secondly, I need to plant them farther apart (this also has to do with the planting instructions).  The packet told me to plant them 4 inches apart, but I decided to try planting them 2 inches apart.  This was a bad idea.  The leaves ended up all tangled together, and I’m sure this affected the ability to get maximum sunlight.

And the other lessons I talked about in previous posts… things like getting enough sunlight, etc.

Anyway, I just want to say that this one radish was delish.  Crispy and refreshing.  I ate it in one bite with butter and sea salt.

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