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No time!

I have PLENTY of time to plan and execute all of my wedding ideas, especially since I’m so ahead on everything.  But one side effect of being engaged is the creative frenzy that developed in other areas of my life besides just the wedding planning.  At the moment I’m on a spending freeze in order to save for this major financial undertaking, so my life looks a lot like it did back when I got my first job out of college.  Back then, I was barely making enough to pay rent.  I couldn’t shop, and many of you will remember when I wrote in xanga about my goal to survive on $15 a week for food.  I had to get creative out of necessity (and lack of things to do), and I’d create/alter/dye a lot of my own clothes rather than buying them (trendy clothes are a necessity when you work in fashion!).  Things are not nearly as dire now, but I do have to get creative about quenching my urge to be trendy.  I so want new things, so instead of buying them, I have tons of ideas on how to make them.  Some projects in my head right now are to knit an infinity scarf, dye and repurpose an old tunic top, and sew a valance for the kitchen.

BUT THERE IS NO TIME!  but thats OK, I plan on focusing on wedding stuff, and there’s plenty of time to get all that done, just not if I heap all these other things on top.  One thing that is refreshing though, is that I’m exercising that muscle.  Creativity, like any skill, really is like a muscle.  Its so easy to get complacent and lazy and just get used to buying what you want – especially when life is more content, and you need fewer outlets for negative emotions.  But once you start contemplating ideas again, its like a snowball effect.  That muscle really seems to grow, and ideas spur off of ideas.  I think I’ll never end up completing about 80% of these ideas, but my mind races at night sometimes…..I might still make an infinity scarf

2 comments to No time!

  • Caro

    Totally know what you mean. Creativity definitely IS a muscle… and you got good muscles, sweets! keep it up! =)

  • Betty

    Let me know if you need anything from Taiwan!! Stuff is dirt cheap here! I got a cropped leather motorcycle jacket for $27 us Dollars!! and they sell infinity scarves here for like $3-$6 US dollars, nice one’s too =)

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