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Our First Pre Marital Counseling Session

Last night Joe and I attended our first premarital counseling session with Pastor Ro.  We loved it.  It was just the beginning so it hasn’t gone too deep yet; we were mostly talking about how we met, our strengths and weaknesses, etc; but it was very thought provoking and I feel like we are going to learn a lot.  One of my favorite parts was learning about how we can stretch each other.  For example, Joe’s strong compassion for the less fortunate can stretch me towards outreach and missions despite the fact that it is something that I have not been inclined to do in the past, and I can stretch Joe in other ways.  I was also really encouraged by Pastor Ro’s openness about his own marriage and knowing that even a pastor and pastor’s wife can relate to us.  I’m really looking forward to scheduling our next meeting.  =)

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