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Our New French Bergère Chair

Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

As I’ve been decorating our apartment, I’ve tried to show restraint and keep things from getting too girly.  I’ve always said that good design involves knowing when to hold back.  I also want to have a happy hubby who feels at home in our apartment – who won’t feel grossed out by too much frill.  So I’d say overall our place has an old world vibe that is slightly masculine, with a sprinkling of feminine touches and modern touches.  Our major furniture pieces are all more serious and gender neutral, but this time I had to indulge in my feminine side and get a really pretty arm chair for the living room.  I wanted something antiquey that would have a similar feeling as our wedding venue. I finally settled on getting a french bergère chair.

Bergère chairs are not cheap, and I did a lot of research before we finally decided on which was the best value. Check out all of the amazing, but unaffordable options I found out there on the internet:

Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Aidan Gray Chandler Chair for $1,944.00.  A wing back version of the bergère chair.  This one costs more than our whole couch.  Definitely way too expensive.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Marquis Arm Chair from Soft Surroundings for $1548.95.  Very stately.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Eloquence La Belle Bergere Gustavian Grey Chair from Layla Grayce for $1,450.00.  Also way too expensive.  Its OK, this one is maybe too girly for me.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Spencer Oak Wing Chair from Jayson Home on sale for $1,436.00. Another expensive wing back.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Hand Carved Louis Chair from Clayton Gray Home for $1295.00.  Similar to the one we got, but with open arm rests.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

The “Romona” Chair from Horchow on sale for $1,199.00.  This one is a little slimmer and taller. Very elegant. Very expensive. Getting better though…


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Bastille Lounge Chair also from Soft Surroundings for $788.95.  Pricing is getting much better at this point, but still a little high.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Oak Gentleman’s Chair from Wisteria for $749.00. I love this chair, and it looks really similar to the one that we ended up buying.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Louisa Bergere Chair from Ballard Designs for $599.00. This is really close to the price of the chair we bought. But this one’s a little smaller and the color wasn’t right for our room.  Still really pretty though.


Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Marseilles Chair from Restoration Hardware on sale for $495.00! You may have noticed this in the background of my paperwhite post. We ended up getting this chair in the stock color while they were having a sale so it was $100 less than its currently listed on the website.  Can you believe that Restoration hardware was the cheapest for anything???  Surprising.  We got ours for $495 minus a $70 store credit that we had. Not only was this the most affordable, but I honestly like this one more than any of the others I found.  It looks antique European without being too fancy-pants.  I love the heathery linen and the rustic aged wood.  I love that it has closed arm rests and its the perfect size for our living room.
Here’s a pic of the chair in our apartment.  I have nothing but good things to say about the delivery and customer service at Restoration Hardware.

Our New French Bergère Chair - >> <<

Of course, there are other options for obtaining such a chair.  I think they are fairly common with antique and vintage sellers.

21 comments to Our New French Bergère Chair

  • Mari Pearson

    I love Bergere Chairs, They are too expensive and I really do not understand the pricing of these?

  • Bruce

    Ah the French. I love their toast.

  • Tammie

    I just stumbled on this post while looking for a Bergere chair. The information in this post is very helpful, particularly the various price ranges. Never thought to check Restoration Hardware and they never came up my searches. May get my chair from them as well.

  • kip

    it is comfy ?

  • cheryl

    Its OK…. the biggest complaint is that the seat cushion tends to slide out from under you. I think a little velcro would make a world of difference. Other than that, its great. Nice and cushy.

  • margaret

    Awesome job! loved the information and the pictures. I will check out all of the mentioned websites. Thanks so much!

  • David

    This is great! I’ve been looking all over for a bergere chair for a client and, as was the case with you, all I’ve been able to find thus far are astronomically priced. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nora

    I have a Chesterfield sofa which I got on Craigslist for $100. Have been looking for the perfect chair. Today, I lucked out and found a leather Bergere on Craigslist for $40!! Then I come across your site and see your Chesterfield with your Bergere and I feel validated. I didn’t want to do a Chesterfield chair. Thought it would be too much tufting.

  • Abbie

    I got two of these last month with the black frame finish and natural linen upholstery for $345 each! (Plus $125 shipping total). The first delivery – both had noticeable defects in both the frame and upholstery and both got returned. The second time neither chair was perfect, but by then I really needed them. Turns out they’re made in China from “repurposed” wood. The exposed wood is very rough – clothing will get snagged I’m sure. And there are no springs in the seat bottom – heaven only knows what’s stuffed up under that rough burlap under the chair – so I’m going to add feather inserts in the seat cushions so they won’t be so stiff. Still, for the price, these are very attractive! Perfect for a living room where looks are more important than functionality.

  • Jean

    I ordered two of these chairs, and they fit the space beautifully and look nice. However, I somehow overlooked the part about the “rustic aged wood.” I am not happy with the finish – very unevenly finished – also, too rustic for my taste – I wanted a more elegant look.

  • Linda

    We’re looking for a bergere chair to replace one which we lost when Hurricane Sandy deposited 4 feet of water in the first foor of our house. Thanks for all of the info. The company from which we purchased the original has discontinued both the style and the fabric.

  • SKhan

    If someone found these chairs for about $400 or less pls let me know..
    I am interested in a dark oak/ cherry finish.

  • Kim

    I love this chair. We have been looking for one like this, so the advice is good to know. I also like the shelf you have. Did you also get that at restoration hardware?

  • Nathan

    Hi, i’m looking to get two of the Marseilles chair from Restoration Hardware. Reading the blog, I kind of envy the fact that you got yours for less than $500. I’m from Canada, and with shipping, duties, and taxes – mine will come up to about $800 each (and that’s already after the sale price!). So having said that, it will be a really big purchase for me, that’s why I want to hear your thoughts about the quality of the chair since you’ve had it for around 2 years now. Would really appreciate your response! Thanks!

  • cheryl

    hi!! I’ve been really happy with the quality of my chair and do not regret my purchase at all. I will tell you though, I do have one or two small criticisms. I’m not sure if this will be the case for newer chairs, but the seat cushion is SLIGHTLY too big for the frame of the chair. Visually this is no problem at all and looks totally fine, but when people sit on the chair, the cushion has a tendency to slowly creep off the front and needs to periodically be re-positioned. the other thing is the wood. I love the wood, but they are going for a distressed, antique wood look… its almost like reclaimed wood or even driftwood. because of that, it is not super smooth and can have some slightly splintery spots. Overall its not a big problem, and I personally love the look of it, but it might bother some people.

  • I just today ordered this exact chair….and $675 US is a steal…and $135 to ship to me in Canada is reasonable. For a chair like this….which would have to be ordered through a furniture store here & shipped from the US….it would be well over $800 US.likely double in price. I cannot wait to receive my chair….I ordered it in white with Belgian linen in Sand colour. Thank you so much too for your update…for the price…I think this chair is going to be well worth it.

  • Carol Stewart

    After reading your blog I did my research also and I actually went to Restoration Hardware and bought the new Lyon chair that is the follow-up to your chair. Thank you so much for the blog and the information you gave on the French bergere chairs. It helped me in my decision making.

  • Carolyn Thompson

    All these chairs are nice, however there is a big difference between the less expensive chairs and the beautifully carved, shaped front, proportioned legs..chairs. A great chair does not just come down to the price of the chair.

  • Kim

    I would love to buy a restoration hardware Marseilles chair but I was quoted $2000 with the matching stool. I would love to bay one these chairs for $600 wow please let me know if anyone has one

  • Kim

    I would love to buy a restoration hardware Marseilles chair but I was quoted $2000 with the matching stool. I would love to buy one these chairs for $600 wow please let me know if anyone has one

  • Dianne Flessa

    just an fyi for all you bergere chair enthusiasts (I’m one too). the bergere chair has an exposed wood frame and closed sides. A fautieul chair is a chair with exposed wood frame and open sides. Many people mistakenly call a fautieul chair a bergere chair with open sides and this is incorrect

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