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Renovations: Days 12 and 13

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Technically day 13 has not happened yet – its today, but they are not doing anything today so I’m going to write this post early because it’s just too exciting.  This I morning woke up early (again) to stop by the apartment to check out the staining they did yesterday.  Our contractor told us that we had to look at it so that if we wanted it darker, they could stain a second coat by TODAY.  Apparently you cannot wait more than one day for the second coat or the first coat will set too much, and it won’t work?  A second coat also costs more money.  Luckily, I loved it just the way it is.  I liked that it didn’t get too black and that you can see the wood grain really clearly, despite the dark color.

Tada! there is still no varnish, so the floors look pretty matte.  But I LOVVEEE the color! I feel like it will look even more rich once the varnish is applied.

There was a discolored area on the floor in the dining area when we first bought the place. I wish I had a "before" picture, but its totally gone now.

It was also satisfying to see that patched up master closet portion of the floor looking like a normal floor.  The color is not a perfect match, but its looks close enough, especially since you won’t really see it inside of the closet.  You can see the “before” picture here and here.

Here's a look at the master closet floor that had to be patched up.

Luckily this patch of floor will spend most of its time hidden away inside the closet.

Things are really coming together and I’m getting more and more excited to live here.  Another great thing is that I’ve taken the commute from the new place to my office twice this week, and it’s sooo much faster than where I live now.  Yay!

Next up: Varnish, molding (base, crown, and picture frame), closet doors, and minor bathroom fixtures.

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