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The Venue Search

venue search

In terms of all the many details we have yet to plan for our wedding, we’ve basically only just begun the process.  However, the first step definitely seems like the most difficult that I can foresee.    The reception venue will end up being the largest chunk of our budget, so its not something to take lightly or rush into.  It is also the choice that will influence almost every other choice that we make throughout the planning process.  The venue will determine the date of our wedding, where the ceremony will have to take place (at the reception venue or a church near by), what hotels we choose for our out of town guests.  Depending on how it looks, it may influence the look and feel of every decorative style choice that we make…catering/no catering…..etc.  The venue and cost of the venue will also determine how big we can make our guest list.  Plus, we have to mutually agree that it is the right place for us.  Its definitely a major choice!  Stress!

We started our search in Manhattan as a lot of NYC couples seem to.  Getting married in the city always seemed the most exciting and fashionable to me, plus it was convenient to check out venues after work or during lunch.  But like most couples, we quickly realized it was completely impractical.  One venue (called Landmark on the Park) actually seemed to be beautiful and do-able, it just wasn’t the perfect fit for us.

Now we’ve extended our search to Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.  There are a hand full of possibilities but we’ve eliminated several already.  Some are too far, some are too small, some too expensive, and honestly some are too ugly.  The Prospect Park Picnic house is small, but a strong possibility for us.  And there are two other venues that we are seeing this weekend that have strong potential too.  I am particularly in love with a venue that we are seeing on Friday, but another thing I’ve been learning is that things look very different in person than they do in pictures on websites.  I’ll hold off on too many details before we’ve chosen a place, but expect a full post on the place once we’ve signed a contract.  I am crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to make a choice in the next two weeks.  I think it will be such a relief when this part is done, plus I’ll be able to start counting down to a date!

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