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We Have Our Photographers!!

I’m super excited that we booked our photographers.  Yes, photographers, as in MORE THAN ONE!  Connie Wang and Minnow Park, and amazingly (with the help of my generous mom), both of them fit into our budget.

I’m particularly excited about Connie.  She is currently a student at FIT and an extremely talented young photographer with a great eye.  I think the only reason we are able to afford her is that she is just starting out, but I can say with confidence that she has a great photography career ahead of her and I feel lucky that I can be a part of it.  I’m especially excited because we totally have the same taste in style. I feel like she “gets” the look I’m going for and not because she is trying to, but because that is just how she naturally shoots for herself.  She definitely satisfies the picky Fine Arts major inside of me.  I think her artsy, thought-out style will lend itself most to our portrait session and for romantic alter shots.  She also plans to photograph our “getting ready” shots and help document the reception.  I can’t say enough about how much I love her work.  I think her shots will be all about artistry and capturing romance.  Oh, and she shoots in film!!  How amazing (and rare) is that?

We also decided to hire Minnow for his strengths too.  He has more of a photo journalistic style and is less stylized and artsy.  We felt that it was important to have him to supplement Connie’s work since, as of yet, Connie is inexperienced when it comes to weddings.  Even though their styles are so completely different (we’d probably have to get two separate albums or something), I think it will be good to use Minnow for general documentation, to fill in the gaps, and to capture those candid moments and action shots.  He’ll be basically be capturing every detail and moment to allow Connie to focus on well thought out, composed photographic art.  I also feel like we can trust Minnow since he was recommended by our good friend Albert Cheung, who is also a very talented photographer!

2 comments to We Have Our Photographers!!

  • Matt Suhu

    Minnow Park?! The guitarist? Wasn’t he running around with Koo Chung and his Broken For Good record label? Wow…I didn’t know he’s become a photographer. Nice.

  • glories

    I cannot WAIT to see your wedding pics w/ connie wang!! her style is so YOU!
    are you doing engagement shots? i can imagine her taking an amazing set of pics esp of you!

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