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Wedding Dress Update – Fabric purchased!

Sorry, no pictures because I don’t want to give Joe too many clues about what my dress will look like, but I have an update about the progress of my dress.  onday, on my wonderful day off from work, I spent about half of the day completing the pattern draping for my dress!  Now that I have a pattern, I know exactly how much yardage to buy.  So yesterday I ran to Mood during lunch to buy my fabric.  I’m really happy with what I brought home!

I made a few changes to my original plan, but nothing major.  Things always look different when you see them in person compared to when its in your head.  I know a lot of you won’t know these terms, but I have no other way to explain…Instead of georgette, I bought chiffon because I decided all the georgette they had in stock was too gausey and casual.  I wanted something that looked more clean and elegant.  Plus I think chiffon will be easier to sew.  So I bought seven yards of silk chiffon that has this beautiful luster to it.  I also bought a yard of heavy silk satin as a combo fabric and 3 yards of silk habutai for lining in the skirt.  The final total, including the cost of the dress form I bought a few months ago, is under budget!! So I have some wiggle room incase I totally screw this up.

Oh one other change in plans (not that most of you knew my original plan to begin with), I had the hardest time finding the exact shade of white that I wanted.  I wanted a pale ivory that was only slightly more ivory than a pure white, but instead I ended up getting more of a true ivory that leans closer to a cream color.  No biggie though, I still like this color and it works with the vintage theme.  But who knew matching  white would be so difficult.  It makes me nervous about the idea of buying shoes…which reminds me, my leftover dress budget will probably partially go to shoes. I’m still trying to decide if I want white, silver or grey for the shoes.  Definitely open toe or peep toe though.

Well hopefully I can start sewing everything soon.  I am so super excited and eager to get started!!


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