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Marriage License

So apparently for a couple to be legally married by the lovely state of New York, you need a wedding license.  Cheryl and I had that task this past Friday morning.  We woke up extra early to beat the lines and headed over to the Queens Marriage Bureau located in Kew Gardens.

one lucky bride arrived in a wedding dress.... could have been Cheryl.

happy couples...notice the cupid and hearts decals on the glass. Gives it the romantic edge.

Luckily the line wasn’t too long, I’d say about 7-8 couples before us.  It was very helpful that we had already filled out the online application.   So after an hour and a $35 credit card charge later, we obtained our marriage license!    The funny thing, or well the thing I found most interesting, is that for just a mere $10 more we could have had a ceremony and been officially married right there.

That’s right folks, it’s $45 to get married.  I don’t think you understand… so let’s break this down some more.

Average wedding in the United States – $20,000* ($45 is  0.002%)

Average NYC wedding – $35,000* ($45 is 0.0012%)

*According to

So the true cost of a NYC wedding is $45, but yet why do we spend over 100,000% more ?   I don’t understand it either, it boggles my mind.   One of the many mysteries of the world… like UFO’s, the Loch Ness monster or who shot JFK?

None the less the story ends like this…

1. we got the license

2. we are still having a wedding

3.  i’m happy … (no sarcasm)

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