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Project Tidbits

Stilllll painting the kitchen. But here are a couple mini project updates.

I’ve been prepping to paint the kitchen walls not that the cabinets are done.  This weekend I removed all the outlet and light switch plates and a sunny yellow plaid wall paper was revealed. It looks totally 60’s to me (might be wrong about that).  It was fun to get another glimpse into the past of the apartment.

I also got around to starting my window sill garden.  My friend Kathy gave me some french breakfast radish seeds since she knew I had been planning to grow them this spring.  I’ve been obsessed with planting radishes for two reasons.  Last summer Joe and I went on a pre-wedding date at ABC Kitchen.  They boast fresh, locally grown, organic ingredients and had served three tiny french breakfast radishes as a starter to munch on.  I loved it! It was such a refreshing way to start a meal!  I had also read some blogs saying that they are really easy to grow indoors in pots.  Up for the challenge, I planted them on Sunday and after just three days they are already forming perky little sprouts.  Radishes are supposedly ready to harvest in just a few weeks. Can’t wait!

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