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A Creative Proposal

Talida sent me this link today.  Its a really creative proposal by some comic book artist.  It makes me think I should put my drawing skills to use for Joe.  =)

I was REALLY bored at work today…


How Embarrassing!

How embarrassing, my boss (NM – you should know who she is) caught me looking at wedding dresses at work today.  But luckily it gave me the opportunity to tell her that I plan to make my own wedding dress.  I was really afraid to tell her that I did not want her to make […]

Sigh, Still Havent Started My Dress

Every time I plan to start working on my dress, something always comes up.  It also doesn’t help that I have to work weekends all month until fashion week.  But HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to at least start it this coming Friday while Joe is at a basketball game.  Seriously, I am so ready to […]