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Dreams, Radishes, and Other Minutia

I love my apartment so much.  The other night I had a dream that Joe got a new job in Connecticut and we had to move.  In my dream we were able to afford a luxury condo there because the cost of living is much lower, but I was sooo sad that I had to give up my NY apartment.  When I woke up I felt such a sense of relief that it was all a dream.

In other news, my radishes are doing great!!  I read that they are ready for harvest in three weeks, but it seems like mine are taking closer to two months.  Besides moving them to a sunnier window sill, another thing that helped them thrive is that I lined one side of the pot with aluminum foil to help reflect more sunlight light onto the plants.

Another thing we did recently is change the ceiling light fixture in our kitchen.  We bought a discontinued schoolhouse semi-flushmount light fixture from the Restoration Hardware and Joe installed it himself.  I kept telling him not to since I was afraid he’d get electrocuted, but he reassured me with his engineering background and with the fact that he’s done stuff like this before.  It was actually really easy and he did a great job!

this is the new light fixture

this is our original, old, out-dated fixture


1 comment to Dreams, Radishes, and Other Minutia

  • glories

    i am very glad he was not electrocuted! between the 2 of you, many home constructions is a breeze!

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