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Engagement shoot by Connie Wang

This past Friday and Saturday Joe and I met with our photographer, Connie Wang to shoot our engagement pics.  We had a really awesome time.  First of all Connie was so fun to work with.  She is very passionate, but also very sweet and giving.  We are not only thankful that we found such a talented photographer, but one who we get along with so well too.

We started off the shoot in the Meatpacking District, wandering the streets, ordering frozen treats from an ice cream truck, and trying to minimize the shine on our faces in the nearly 90 degree weather.  Eventually we ended up at Highline and got some great shots there too.  Joe and I had planned to search various wedding blogs for engagement photo pose ideas, but we got lazy and busy and arrived at our own shoot unprepared.  I know I’m going to love a lot of the shots from this shoot and Connie did a great job directing us, but we regretted not having more of our own ideas to make it more personal.

But Saturday was better.  Connie had more experience with our Saturday location so she shot very confidently and we also did our homework and researched new pose and prop ideas.  I feel like these shots ended up feeling more natural, with more variety.  We spent most of the evening at Kissena Park.  I had no idea, but deep in the park, there is this amazing field with lots of overgrown grass and weeds.  It was such a romantic, bohemian location and is one of Connie’s favorite places to shoot.  She sent me a couple of preview photos to look at and I absolutely LOVE them.  I cant wait to see the rest!

After Kissena Park, Connie suggested going to a street carnival that happened to be set up near her home.  It never occurred to us to use a location like that, but it was a brilliant idea.  We got pictures on the ferris wheel, playing games, eating funnel cake, etc.  I think this was definitely our most fun and playful location, and I’m so glad Connie thought of it… I’m so curious to see how this set turned out and I will definitely be posting the whole engagement shoot on the blog once I get them =)

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