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Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!!  Its now 2010, the year of our wedding.  New years day was also our two year anniversary.  Its definitely an exciting mile stone.

I haven’t written any updates lately because I guess we’ve been on an unofficial break from wedding planning for the holidays.  We had a great time focusing on our families while taking time off school and work.  But there are a bunch of things we can get started on now that the holidays are over.  I’m hoping to start on the wedding dress next weekend while Joe travels out of town for another friend’s bachelor party.  Also, our caterer should be available now that her holiday events are over, to arrange a tasting for our revised wedding menu.  I think I’ll also be ready to start researching florists soon.  Maybe even look into finding a bakery for the wedding cake…People keep telling us that we are so ahead on our planning, but I keep feeling like there are a million other things to do.  Anyway, I will continue to keep you all updated on all the progress.  Lots more to come in 2010!

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