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It’s Lilac Season

I saw these at a bodega and couldn’t resist.  They remind me of my mom’s lilac bush from my childhood.  The beautiful scent has been filling my apartment and giving me flashbacks of plucking the the little flowers as a barefoot little kid.  Now I’m eagerly awaiting peony season which is only a couple weeks away. I also have great memories of my mom’s peonies in our back yard.

It's Lilac Season  - << >>

I visited my mom this past weekend and we spent some time in Georgetown with my sister.  We had just missed the cherry blossoms, but every yard was still brimming with flowering plants and trees (especially azaleas).  Apparently they carefully plan out their gardens so that there will always be something in season that is blooming.  When one type of flower dies, the next week something else grows in its place.  I wish I took pictures and I wish they did that sort of landscaping in NYC (on the few patches of dirt that we have).

Are there any varieties of seasonal flowers that you wait for every year? My most anticipated are definitely peonies.

It's Lilac Season  - << >>

It's Lilac Season  - << >>

It's Lilac Season  - << >>



2 comments to It’s Lilac Season

  • rebecca

    you must go to the brooklyn botanic garden (if you go on sat between 10am-12pm it’s free)! enoch and i went this weekend and there were sooooooooo many peonies and lilacs in bloom (as well as cherry blossoms)! the peonies were GORGEOUS. all different shades!!! red, white, pink, and mixed!!! and the lilacs smelled REALLY nice!! it made me want to go to the store and buy some!!!

  • Lisa

    Lilac’s make me nostalgic for home too =) My mom’s backyard used to be a lilac and rose jungle but they finally tamed it and chopped a bunch of the trees.

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