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Its Peony Season!

I pass by a bodega/deli near my office every day when I’m on my way home from work.  They always display bunches of fresh flowers for sale on the sidewalk and I’m always tempted to buy something…especially since bodega flowers are so much cheaper than buying from a florist.  Lately, now that its peony season, they’ve been carrying the standard white or dark magenta peonies. Peonies are my FAVORITE flower.  My mom always had them growing in her garden when I was growing up, so while I love them for their beauty, they also have sentimental value too.  But I never seem to have cash when I pass the bodega, so I’ve been reluctantly walking on by.

Yesterday though, they were carrying the most gorgeous salmon colored peonies! I couldn’t resist, I had to detour from my way home to make an ATM stop.

I love this color, and I love the way it pops against the neutral pallet of my dining/livingroom.

Its Peony Season! - >> <<

Its Peony Season! - >> <<

Its Peony Season! - >> <<

2 comments to Its Peony Season!

  • I like peonies too.

  • monkey

    i actually DIS-like peonies! my mom used to grow them in front of our house when i was a kid. those huge flowers would attract these craaaaazy huge bumblebees that i was terrified of!! though i suppose the flowers were pretty….

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