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Our New Console Table

We’ve been living in our apartment for about four months now and we finally have all of the major, essential furniture items – the couch, dressers, etc.  But we are still filling in the non essentials.  For example, we still need a bed frame (the mattress is on the floor right now), a desk, an arm chair, and a few other things, but we are getting them slowly and carefully.  Last week we finally got an entryway console table, an item we’ve been wanting for quite a while.  We needed a landing strip where we could drop off our mail and keys when we first get home, rather than cluttering up the coffee table.  It also finally gives us a place to put the table lamp that has been sitting on the floor in the corner for the past four months.

We found what I consider a perfect console table on a website called  Its one of those invite only, discount shopping sites like – only it’s for furniture, not designer clothes.  Other similar sites for furniture are and  Joe and I have been scouring these sites every day to save money on furniture and this is the first time we’ve purchased anything.  Click below to see more pics!


this concole table fits in perfectly in the knook that was created when we expanded our master closet.

pretty golden accents and details

This is my vintage brass flower bowl that I found on Etsy. It holds our keys now.

I'm going to have to put a picture into that frame eventaully


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