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Picture Frame Accent Wall

I’ve always wanted to have a picture frame accent wall in my home.  You know, one of those walls that’s entirely covered with a cluster of framed art? Well, I’ve finally accumulated enough art (both my own art work and art purchased from others) and personal photos to substantially fill a wall.  Also, now that we are home owners, the effort feels justified since I know we will be living here for a while.

I started out by arranging all of the picture frames on the floor.  I started with the largest pieces in the middle and surrounded them with the smaller frames.  Then I adjusted and re-adjusted until I had a look that I was happy with.

Next I traced each frame onto brown paper, cut them out, and marked the paper with the location of hanger on the back of the frame.  I then replicated my arrangement by taping the paper to the wall, making sure everything was perfect before putting any holes into the wall.

Once I was satisfied, I nailed picture hooks into the wall where I had drawn the locations of the frame hanger.  And there you have it!  Easy peasy =)

I fun thing about this is that I can continue to add to the cluster as we collect more art and memorable photos.  I wouldn’t mind filling the whole wall eventually.

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