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How Embarrassing!

How embarrassing, my boss (NM – you should know who she is) caught me looking at wedding dresses at work today.  But luckily it gave me the opportunity to tell her that I plan to make my own wedding dress.  I was really afraid to tell her that I did not want her to make it for me since I didn’t want to insult her designer ego, but she was really cool with it and thought that it was awesome that I’d do something like that!!  She even said she was relieved because it would be less work for her, and told me I can help myself to the company’s poly georgette for draping the pattern.  What a relief!

btw, I started draping the bodice last night!!  So now i have most of the pattern for the top half complete.  Maybe later I’ll post some really vague pics.  Next to drape or pattern out – skirt, skirt lining, and built in bra….

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