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Sigh, Still Havent Started My Dress

Every time I plan to start working on my dress, something always comes up.  It also doesn’t help that I have to work weekends all month until fashion week.  But HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to at least start it this coming Friday while Joe is at a basketball game.  Seriously, I am so ready to start!  And here’s proof!

Look what arrived in the mail before the holidays.  My brand new professional dressform! (decorated with flower brooches from Anthropologie and Jcrew).  I had enough room in the dress budget to splurge on this discounted Ebay item.


I also purchased some muslin for draping the pattern, along with various other trimmings that will all eventually become a part of the dress’s inner workings – I plan to make some sort of built in bra/bodice thingy.


Now I just have to start…I hope I can find the time soon.

9 comments to Sigh, Still Havent Started My Dress

  • Linda

    Project Runway watch out, here comes Cheryl!

  • Nina

    true diy bride!

  • Maresness

    Good luck!

  • Joe

    Hurry up and finish it already ! … and finish planning the wedding too.. haha jk! Good luck !

  • Nicole

    dont post too much of the progress, Joe isnt supposed to see it…unless its just you in the dress he cant see? PS. the new season of project runway just started. Theres a girl with a background in print design. She might even be mixed too, but it was hard to tell with the poor quality i saw online. That could be you. Speaking of shows, have you seen mad men yet? Why not? Seriously, sometimes i think our lives would be easier if we were neighbors….errr um, my life, i mean…

  • ok i know i’m a little stalker ish. but i check your blog very often and i’m really excited to see the process lol. i do love your atheistic and I can’t wait to see what fantastic things you’ll come up with! 😀 good luck!!!

  • cheryl

    @Nicole – Don’t worry, I’m going to be as vague as possible with my wedding dress progress beyond this point so that Joe has no idea what it looks like. I’ll post pics of the finished product after the wedding. PS, I was telling joe today that we need to watch Mad Men, I promise I’ll watch it eventually!!

    @Engly – Don’t be ashamed! I’m very flattered, thanks!!! =)

  • Mares

    If you stalk openly, you’re not a stalker. hahah.

  • Caro

    I’ll keep all my Mad Men episodes just for you hun =) come join me and John to watch it DVR-ed on Monday nights once it starts up again!

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