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A meeting with our Caterer

Things have been slow here on the blog, but wedding planning has been pretty constant over the past several weeks.  We picked out praise songs for the wedding; I’ve been working on various print materials, including assembling the invitations; I’ve been chasing people for mailing addresses; etc.  Basically I’ve kept myself really busy with the nitty gritty stuff, but I haven’t had anything really worth writing about on the blog.  Stay tuned though! I think June will be a good month for blog posting as we have a lot of vendor meeting and various other wedding related things in the works.

This past Saturday we met with our caterer to finalize our menu and discuss certain logistical aspects about setting up the wedding in our venue.  They really put me at ease with their suggestions and knowledge of how to host a party.  I’m definitely even more excited to see how everything will come together.

anyway, here’s a bit of a preview of what to expect on our wedding day!

In the Front: Baked Brie, Fuji apple, pecan and mango chutney in tiny phyllo cup... In the Back: London Broil in tiny Yorkshire Pudding, portabello mushrooms, hunter sauce and horseradish

Gin and Tonic Shrimp Skewers with pepper and snap peas in spicy Thai-Ginger sauce, gin and a slash of tonic

the asparagus, goat cheese, mango and red pepper wrapped in prosciutto

These are just a few of the dishes that will be served at our wedding.  my personal favorite is the apple and brie hors d’oeuvre (to be served during cocktail hour).  Our caterer, Sharon of Fallier Foods, has an almost obsessive attention to detail in her presentation and the fusion of flavors she combines in her dishes.  Each dish is so complex, and I hope everyone appreciates all of the care she puts into each item she prepares.  She has been so enthusiastic through this whole process and I feel very lucky to have found her.

6 comments to A meeting with our Caterer

  • Those are exciting dishes! You can see the care that went into each dish, I’m definitely excited for them! 🙂

  • Kelly

    Yum! those look so good!

  • rebecca

    those look so delish! can’t wait to try them!!! =D

  • Lily and I would hereby like to announce that we’ll trade our share of brie that we would’ve eaten in exchange for someone else’s share of shrimp skewers. It’s a pretty fair deal in my opinion.

  • Grace

    Looks delicious! Phyllo cups.

    Also, I screamed when I opened your invitation (Albert can attest)… it was like being handed a golden ticket to the hottest party in town. I still can’t bring myself to untie the yarn because it’s so perfect as is. I am so excited for your wedding!

  • cheryl

    haha, i wish i could have seen your reaction, Grace. I’m so glad you liked it =)

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