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Groomsmen Ties

Its here!!

I’m soo excited about our groomsmen ties.  My very good friend Andrew; who is always generous with with his time, knowledge, and resources; offered to custom make our wedding ties.  He is the owner of 3sixteen, a NYC based menswear line, and he let us come to his tie factory and flip through pages and pages of swatches.  Joe and I picked out the fabrics we liked most, decided on tie width, and Andrew put in the order.  Then wa la! four unique ties that totally fit the style and feel of our wedding.  I love them!!!

Much like the bridesmaid dresses, we are going for the "purposely mismatched" look. I think these coordinate well without looking too uniform

This is the image that I found which inspired our look

More pics!

The black tie with the dark gray stripes was the result of an ingenious suggestion that Andrew made. What you see is actually the BACK side of the fabric, the front had lighter stripes and looked much more preppy. So its basically an inside-out tie that looks so much more sophisticated!


I can’t thank him enough.  You should definitely check out more hip ties at the 3sixteen online shop.

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