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Random Engagement Updates

No major progress reports or fun step-by-step crafts to post about today.  Just sharing some experiences as we continue on our engagement journey.

Well, most of you know, but Joe and I have been officially attending the same church for over a month now!  It was a difficult choice, but we made the decision to attend LFCC and it has been such a blessing to be able to sit together every Sunday and worship and hear the same message.  Its so exciting to realize that we are already growing towards marriage in our increased commitment to each other and through all of the challenges we have faced, conquered, and learned from throughout the engagement.

In other updates, we have a cake tasting set up in April which I will blog about once it happens.  I feel pretty good about the baker we found, but I don’t want to say too much before we are sure!  My mom and my sister will be visited for this and it will be fun to involve them in the planning.  More than anything, I can’t wait to eat yummy cake! =)

As for the wedding dress, it has definitely been a huge challenge.  I have totally messed up my first attempt, but not much fabric was wasted and I think I learned what I need to in order to start again and succeed.  Since Joe is going to be MIA with midterms for the next 3+ weeks, I’ll have full weekend days to really get something substantial done.   As much as I hate not seeing Joe, I would never get anything done if it wasn’t for his crazy school schedule.

And finally, let me get your opinions once again.  What do you think, does a first dance song have to be romantic or about love?  Joe and I are really into this song which has a perfect beat for the type of dance we want to do, but its more about the difficulties of growing up rather than any sort of romance.  But it is NOT about breaking up or anything opposite of marriage so its not horrible.  Even if its not about love, we do think its very “us.” What do you think?

7 comments to Random Engagement Updates

  • David

    its your wedding… you can dance to whatever you want… i say go for it… btw, i know the song is “cotton eye joe”…

  • If its about you and Joe then you can dance to whatever you want! 🙂

  • def. do what’s more you :p ppl breakdance nowadays and I heard a bride did “all the single ladies” etc. those are the more memorable ones so the more you(s) the better!

  • Caroline

    darlin, you know that my firm philosophy is how anything can be made into a dance. Whatever song you and Joe feel fits you guys, is the one it will be! =) even if it is.. Cotton Eye Joe 😉

  • Susan

    choose a song that you like! it’s your special day 🙂

  • Grace C

    I am not sure about breakdancing, but I do like unusual songs for first dances. Also, congrats on the LFCC decision. I thought I saw Joe more often during fellowship hour!

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