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Congratulations to Tina and David, and a New Urgency for Hair

Photo: Albert Cheung Photography,

Photo: Albert Cheung Photography,

I just wanted to congratulate my very good friends Tina and David on their marriage this past Saturday.  I had the great honor of being one of Tina’s bridesmaids (she is also one of mine as you can see from our bridal party page).  This was such a special wedding, and I had such a good time that I’m almost sad its over.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful, I got to see a ton of our old college friends, and it was great to see how far we’ve all come throughout our long friendships.  I’m so happy for Tina and David, and I know they have a blessed and joyful marriage to look forward to.

Relating this back to my own wedding planning, one realization that I made while preparing for the wedding Saturday morning was that I really have to get in gear about finding a hair stylist.  We were all very pleased with the work that Tina’s stylist did (Tina looked amazing), so I asked her about her availability for my wedding.  She told me she was already booked and that it is such a popular wedding date that I had better look into booking someone fast!  Now I’m feeling slightly panicked and overwhelmed about this little detail.  Many of you might notice that I rarely change my hair style.  I always wear it the same way because, honestly, hair is one thing that I am completely hopeless with.  So if any of you has anyone to recommend, I would really appreciate it!!  Especially if they have an eye for high fashioned yet bohemian style….something like that.

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