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Renovations: Day 2

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We’ve only had two days of renovations and I’m amazed at how much work the contractors have done already.  I guess demolition is the more dramatic part of the process so maybe the work seems more significant to me than it really is.  Anyway, here’s what they’ve done as of day 2.

I posted about the giant hole in our wall in my last post.  Well, they’ve started building the frame around it for the closet. Looks great so far!

Now here’s the fun part – Bathroom demolition!

The bathroom demolition provided us with a few fun surprises about the history of the bathroom.

This was the original flooring when we bought the apartment.

This is what we found underneath the floor tiles

It revealed to us that previous owners had done a slightly shoddy job with their own renovations.  When the apartment was finally ours, Joe and I kept wondering why the bathroom felt so small compared to the bathroom in his mother’s apartment despite having the exact same dimensions and smaller fixtures.  Also, the wall tiles protruded from the wall about an inch and we had no idea why (I wish I had a picture to show).  Well apparently when they re-tiled the bathroom, they never bothered to remove the old tile.  When our contractor removed the first layer, there was another layer underneath!

We also got to see all the many layers of paint which also gave some insight into the history of the apartment. Its fun to imagine what it might have been like before.

Stay tuned for more!

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