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Trends I Love – Gold Polka Dots

This post is sort of a preview for a project that I’ll be posting about in the next week or so.  You can probably predict that it involves gold polka dots.  I’ve been absolutely obsessed with gold polka dots for a while now. Polka dots in general, but especially ones that involve the color gold.  Someday I even plan to customize a pair of black snowboarding pants by painting gold polka dots onto them, but it just doesn’t seem the right time of the year to write about that… maybe next season… Anyway, check out some great products that I’ve rounded up as inspiration for my upcoming project.

Trends I Love - Gold Polka Dots - >> <<

1. Luxe Shine Wallpaper from Anthropologie
2. Polka-dot garland from BHLDN (seems like an easy DIY!)
3. Diane von Furstenberg’s Tonda Pony Dot Clutch – also available in perforated gold leather
4. Libby Confetti Dot Dress by Shoshanna
5. Kate Spade Pavillion iPhone Case (I own/use this and LOVE it!)
6. Kate Spade Carousel Bangle.  They also sell matching plates and mugs!
7. Dotted 23k Gold Plate and Mug from Bailey Doesn’t Bark
8. Cru Intl by Darbie Angell Monaco Gold Tumblers


2 comments to Trends I Love – Gold Polka Dots

  • I love gold polka dots too! Did you see Oh Joy’s office?

  • cheryl

    I did see her office!! I love it and thought about including it on this post, but it was more of a rose gold than a yellow gold. That was definitely a major inspiration for the project I’m posting in a few days too!

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